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i think that the idea posted by kelly is a great idea. i think that it leaevs the door wide open to so many possible routes for the script to go. i also think that it has a certain level of suspense that can either get wild and crazy or just be subtle and calm and also sad. i do think though, that there should be a scene in between the guy driving and him showing up at the church. i'm not exactly sure what maybe a flashback that might tell us who the person is that will be in the coffin or maybe not. maybe the flashback could make it a little more difficult for us to figure out why the man came to the church, if you wanted to go more with a cliffhanger at the end. i don't know but it needs something to tie it in a little more. but i'm really excited to see where this goes! it's going to be so interesting!

Jun 19, 119 02:47 PM - Holiday

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